FAQ's – MYP Hair


Q: How long is the shipping process?

A: Once you have placed your order, standard shipping is 3-7 business days. Sale orders ship out in the order of which they are received due to high volume of orders.


Q: How long will my extensions last?

A: Depending on the proper maintenance of the hair, extensions can last up to 1 year


Q: When will I receive my tracking number?

A: Tracking numbers will be emailed on the day your order ships out, NOT the day you place your order.


Q: What color do the extensions come in?

A: All bundles are a natural 1B unless you order our Russian Blonde


Q: How do I maintain my extensions?

A: Shampoo them with a mild shampoo every 2 weeks, and in between those 2 weeks make sure you condition them.


Q: Can my extensions be lightened/colored?

A: Yes, but we suggest that you seek a professional to do so